Furniture! Yes, it is essential in any home. Tell me any home without one. In fact, the question should not be whether our homes have furniture or not; it should be about which furniture types are found in our homes. Some homes are decked in modern contemporary furniture, whereas others are all about antiques. Some have brightly coloured furniture, resembling that of a rainbow and others only have neutral tones. That is where the idea of choice comes in. That being the case, we don’t have to go about buying just about any furniture pieces we lay our hands-on. There are a myriad of factors that determine how we choose our home furniture. These could be our preference, budget, home decor, and purpose, among other factors. Accompany me in looking at some of these factors in detail.


Make no mistake about it, preference is what I would call a huge factor when choosing anything, not just furniture. For instance, I’ve always been in love with leather-upholstered seats, and that’s what you will find in my home. Leather is a class of its own, not to mention that it is durable. Hence, anything leather is a preference that has stayed with me for as long as I have had a home, and I don’t see the signs of changing my preference any time soon. With each of us having their own preferences, I don’t have to dwell so much on this point as the message is already home.

Home Decor

I happened to ask an interior designer about what choosing the right furniture for any home entails and his answer revolved around the decor. And yes, we can’t buy furniture of just any colour. We need to look around our space or house and understand what furniture colour will complement the theme in our space for an even better overall decor. In my house, for instance, the floor and the walls are brown and cream respectively. So, any furniture with beige, white, or black can look great. For example, these sheep skin rugs that are super soft and luxurious would look great contrasted against my brown floors. I however don’t like white because it is so involved in terms of cleaning. Oh, did I mention cleaning? Well, that takes us to the next big factor.


When I mentioned that I prefer having leather-upholstered seats over any other type of seats, I did not want to mention that they are easy to clean. Yes, I simply wet a piece of cloth and wipe my seats and that is all. If I want to restore the shine, then I will use a natural cleaner, such as the coconut oil. This involves wetting a piece of cloth with the oil and rubbing the surfaces in a circular motion. It leaves my sofas not only clean but also shiny. Now, when choosing our home furniture, we need to think about how easy they are to clean or perform any other kind of maintenance on them. For instance, I strongly recommend seats with removable cushions since the covers can easily be unzipped and cleaned. In-built cushions are rather difficult to clean since the covers cannot be removed. Carpets can be a little trickier though, and sometimes the benefit of the expertise and equipment that people like this Windsor carpet cleaning company have is worth spending the money on to ensure they’ll do a proper job and leave your carpets looking like new.


This is pegged on the material used to make the furniture. Metals and hardwood, for instance, tend to last longer than most materials. And who does not want furniture that will serve them for many years to come? Metallic and hardwood furniture are also typically sturdy. Another factor that determines the durability of any furniture piece is the design. For instance, a four-legged table may be more stable and durable than a three-legged one. And that is because of obvious reasons, for those of us who know a thing about physics – let me not go into that subject. Also, leather upholstery is likely to last longer than cloth upholstery.


Let us not fool ourselves that pricing is not a factor. When I hear people saying that, I feel like laughing at them because most of them are simply not being honest. Of course, we cannot buy anything unless our financial situation allows. Thus, unless the price of the furniture falls within our budget, the chances of buying are almost zero.


Last but not least, we have the purpose for which we are buying the furniture. For instance, if I’m buying furniture for my patio area, I would go for highly resilient choices, since the weather elements, such as the sun and rains, are not going to be so lenient on them.

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