After every few months, I give my living room a new, better look with a few simple ideas. I love that space because it’s where I unwind after a tedious day at work and entertain my friends when they come over. Besides, it’s a direct representation of who I am and my personality. Sometimes a big addition will happen like a new sound system or television. One of my friends recently got herself a new gaming setup in her living room with a 4k TV, you can see this here, as well as new gaming controllers, none of us can’t pull her away from that thing. It suits her house and personality pretty well I would say.

Revamping my living room hasn’t always been effortless. Whilst there are companies that can help, such as those who handle many a Home Entertainment Space Cheshire demands, sometimes, I didn’t always have adequate time to get the items I required. Other times, I ran out of ideas to implement. Even so, things have been easier since it dawned on me that I don’t need to buy lots of new decoration materials. All I require are simple but useful tips to transform my space. Some that I’ve been using lately include:

1. Remove Clutter

This is the first strategy I use to refresh my living room. It’s unrealistic to decorate a space full of clutter because it will still look messy afterward. Decluttering my living room takes less than an hour. It inspires excellent décor ideas since the place doesn’t look disarrayed, and I can pinpoint the specific spots whose look I need to adjust. If you have bigger items in your home, you may want to look at placing them in storage until you find a better use for them, you can look here to see which options are available.

2. Change Throw Pillows

Switching up my throw pillows always transforms my living room. I used to think that they must look the same, but now I know they don’t have to. I mix and match them, and I always like the final look.

One of the strategies I use when changing throw pillows is selecting several colors. In most cases, I pick three that match the living room’s décor. For instance, if my walls are white, I make sure that there’s a dark blue throw pillow on the couch. I also look at things such as the colors of my rugs, and flooring.

Color combinations that I have tried before are:

  • Orange + deep green + deep red
  • Pink + dark blue + deep red
  • Blue + yellow + green
  • Beige + turquoise + dark blue
  • Mustard yellow + magenta + violet

The three throw pillows I pick can come in different sizes. Once, I got two larger ones (20″x20″) and one measuring 18″x18″. When arranging them on my couch, the latter was in the middle.

3. Get Some House Plants

I like plants, and that’s why I’m super comfortable getting some for my living room. They help to fill up my walls and add life to my entire space. Besides, they add color to the place, even when they don’t match with anything else.

I’m cautious when selecting the house plants to use to enhance my living room’s appearance. Some of the few things I put into account before making my choices are lighting and temperature. Most plants are likely to survive with bright light without access to direct sunlight. When I want to minimize expenses, I go for smaller house plants; large ones are more expensive.

4. Change My Living Room’s Curtains

It’s easy for me to add the appeal I desire to my space with the right curtains. While changing my old ones, I select colors that tone with my walls and a few other items in the room. My apartment is small, but I strive to give the space a larger feel. Therefore, I hang the curtains a bit high, a trick many architects also like to use. I like curtains made from lace or chiffon fabric. They keep the light coming in, and this ensures that my space is always bright.

Whenever I change my curtains, I also do the same for the blinds. More often than not, I select neutral shades because it allows me to control the natural light entering my living room. The overall look I want to create affects the texture of the curtains I choose. For example, to make my living space look sophisticated, I might consider choosing curtains uk or similar others that tend to have metallic textures.

I have noticed that the smallest tweaks help me achieve the best looks when it comes to transforming my living space. I use the tips explained above because they are simple, budget-friendly, and I don’t have to put in a lot of effort. They’re convenient for me. Whenever most of my buddies visit, they are always in awe of my living room’s look.

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