Curtains have always been part of home decor. They can add a sense of drama to any room. However, the way you hang your curtains can make a huge impact on how they perform. Choosing the right type of curtain can help make any home look more appealing, and it can also improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. So here are the 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Room Curtains.

Upgrade it to a different shade of window

The window is arguably one of the most common parts of any home to be overlooked by homeowners. This is usually because blinds or curtains usually cover it, and these are often heavily used and not put to the best of use. However, if you are looking for a more modern and aesthetically appealing home, consider upgrading to a different shade.

Size differences

Think of the bedroom as a place where you can turn yourself into whatever kind of person you want to be. Curtains can do just about anything for you—they make a room look bigger or smaller, shield you from the outside elements (or let you peek out into the world), and create an atmosphere that is conducive to sleeping or relaxation. You can even choose curtains that match your mood or activity at the time.

Different pattern

There are different patterns for curtains: floral design, geometric design, polka dot design, color-blocked, and many more. But all of them can bring a different touch to the room. The best way of choosing a pattern is to decide on the style of the room, e.g., simple or sophisticated, etc.

Upgrading its operating style

When we talk about blinds, we are talking about the little things used to hide the doors and windows from the view of strangers. These little things are also of great importance in our modern days. They are used to create a more luxurious feel in our rooms. They are normally used to help block the light in our rooms.

Check the opacity levels

To keep your home cool during the day and energy-efficient at night, you can choose to purchase light filtering curtains or opaque curtains. Light filtering curtains allow the windows to let in plenty of light while at the same time reducing heat, light, and noise. 

Go for different fabric

Curtains have been a staple of a home’s interior design for centuries. Their ability to help block the sun’s light and heat provide a valuable layer of privacy and comfort. There are several different types of curtains: plain, valance, shower and valance, vertical blinds, roller shades, and Roman shades.

Adding outdoor curtains

Upgrading your room curtains is an easy way to gain space in the living room and can be achieved in a couple of weeks.

Opting for dyed one

Many curtain materials are available to purchase in the market, such as plain, velvet, and cotton. But many beautiful and traditional curtain materials are not commercially available. These include certain materials such as Shibori, Keterangan, and Ojime.

Go for different attachment styles

Most of us would like to have our home look neat, but in reality, for most of us, this is not possible. Most of us don’t have the money to buy new curtains that are of better quality, or the time to do so, not to mention the fact that we have to look for a specific pattern that suits the room.

Considering Valance or a Cornice Board

Our home is like a stage on which we give life to our dreams and aspirations. It is also a place where we spend a great deal of our time. And it is a place where we can make the most out of our time spent inside. Home is the stage where we can enjoy the comforts we have longed for.

Those curtains you have in your room can make or break the look and feel of your room. If they’re old and faded, they will leave you looking dated and tired. If they’re plain and frumpy, they will also detract from the overall look of your room and take away from the ambiance that you are trying to create. So, how do you get the curtains that you want without spending a ton of money? The first thing to do is to figure out what you want. If you want something unique, you might want to consider going with custom-made curtains. 

Let’s face it, your room is where you spend most of your time, and it can often be the most neglected and unappreciated room in your house. Whether it’s because we don’t have enough time to make it look nice, we don’t know what to do with it, or we just don’t care, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you should treat your home’s décor as though this is the only room you’ll ever have because, in truth, it probably will be.

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