When considering the house buyer, many companies providing new homes will consider just what it is a buyer is looking for in terms of a property’s location and the practicalities and aesthetics of its design. Avondale Homes are certainly a company that considers all of this.

So, let us think about just what it is that attracts us to buy a house. Assuming that you are currently looking, this guide will ensure that you are then happy with your final choice.


The location must be the most important consideration when we are looking for a house. Homebuyers want to find somewhere that suits their needs and can support their living arrangements. Before moving they may scout the location for the basics, e.g. supermarket adjacent, nearest hospitals, internet coverage (does it have good centurylink internet service available, for example), and so on. It needs to be near to work, school, and ideally not too far away from our family. In terms of the latter, this is not to say that we cannot emigrate, as many people do this to enjoy a better way of life. So, there is always that option. In fact, you may be emigrating to a place where some of your distant family are. For example, if you have been wanting to make the move to America you may have a distant relative that moved there many years ago who started a family. To see if there is still that branch of the family tree in that area, you can check out websites such as Genealogy Bank that can help you see if they are still there.

Australia is also considered a nice part of the world to live in. In northern Australia, the climate is more tropical, with hot, humid summers and still fairly warm and dry winters to enjoy, while the south will be cooler with milder summers and rainier winters. So, it depends on how hot you want your summers, as that is the part of the year most of us look forward to.


It is good to have a choice of housing when it comes to affordability. It makes no sense to go for a property larger than we need. We must weigh up whether we would want to stay in the same property as our family grows or consider moving once that happens. In terms of a larger property, it will cost more to heat, for example. Although, this will come down to location, as talked about above.

Real estate agents may be able to help you with your decision of what kind of homes you can buy and what can potentially be your financial options (click here to investigate more about this). They can always provide options for houses based on your needs and budget, and they can even ensure that the house is completely fine before allowing you to look inside. Although real estate agents are not lawyers, they can be valuable resources years after a transaction has been completed. Some states require licensed agents to keep full files of all documents in all transactions for several years. These, and many other advantages may be gained by taking the services of experienced real estate agents; this blog post elucidates some of those very attributes.

Beautiful and Practical Designs

House designs will influence buying decisions. We all want our home to have curb appeal. We want to feel pleased with it ourselves and have it admired by others. That is human nature and there is nothing wrong with showing others that you have achieved your dream and bought a house that will satisfy all your family’s needs and more.

So, what makes a pleasing house design? Well, partly this is about having a wide choice so that we can find a house that appeals to our taste. If we love nature, then we will want a location where there are nice views and will want larger windows designed into our house so that we can appreciate those views. Environmentalists will want to know that their house makes use of renewable energy sources so that our planet is protected. Solar panels will mean that energy is obtained from the sun rather than depleting coal, gas, or oil reserves. A smart meter will mean that we can control how much electricity we use. A water meter will mean that we do not waste any water.

The layout of a house will be important to us because it will matter when it comes to sleeping arrangements. Older children will want a bedroom for themselves. A family might want additional rooms for different activities. For instance, are we the type of family that likes to exercise at home? In which case, we might want a separate room that we can call our home gym. Do we want a quiet place to read and reflect? We may then want a library that is separate from all the other rooms in the house. Extra rooms cost money but they make a home more practical.

The shape of our roof might be a consideration, depending again on location. This is again why it is so important in so many ways to match the house to its location. A pitched or a sloped roof is considered more appealing and better than a flat roof when it comes to deflecting damaging rainwater from a property. No matter where we are, we cannot escape rain completely. Alternatively, a green roof could be created on top of a flat roof for those who like gardening at all levels.

To summarise, once we know our location, we can then look to balance affordability with the size of our house before focusing on the aesthetics of the roof that protect our property from the elements. The one thing for certain when buying a new house is that we need to be as happy living inside it as we are walking around its perimeters.

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