Nothing compares to some green life to brighten up the household. Who hasn’t dreamed of waking up to a nice cool breath of fresh air each morning? Seriously, if you want a magic solution to making your house look better, buying some plants is your best bet.

Now you may be thinking, when will I find the time to take care of plants inside my home? To put it simply, indoor plants are specifically chosen to require little to no attention. Although you might find yourself watering plants now and then, it certainly won’t feel like a chore. Here are some of the most beautiful indoor plants that may just be what you need for your home.

Lipstick Plant

Yes, you read that right. As its name may imply, these plants are famed for having flowers that have an uncanny resemblance to lipsticks. They typically have very pointy leaves that are complemented with a happy cluster of red flowers. These beautiful rich red blossoms can also appear as a nice and deep dark maroon.

As you would expect from a house plant, it’s very easy to take care of and gives you plenty of lovely flowers. Make sure that these plants receive a nice amount of light each day as well as moderate watering. Also, you can try this site if you are interested in exploring different lighting options for the plants. With enough water, light, and healthy soil, you have yourself a pleasant plant.

Aralia Fabian

These plants will likely be familiar to you as they are very common and popular with plant enthusiasts. This indoor plant does well indoors and is versatile, working and growing well in lots of different environments. Their nice, medium-length branches have very deep green leaves that can make an entire home aesthetic ten times better.

The Aralia Fabian grows upright and is a very compact plant, which is why they are an amazing example of a house plant. They tend to have very thick and rough trunks, which explains their unforgettable appeal. The plant has very distinct leaves which grow all around its branches, providing its surroundings with a nice and fresh demeanor.

Silver Dollar Plant

Sometimes, we all get too busy and can’t be bothered to water our plants. We often forget to take care of green life. The silver dollar plant is an amazing choice for people who desire plants that require little attention and care and so take up less of their time. Owners of this plant only need to place the plant in an adequate container that provides good drainage.

Growing up to 2 to 3 feet, this plant looks nice in your living room. Their leaves can be described as heart-shaped, with branches spreading to a foot in length. These plants are quite famous for their beautiful purple flowers that normally come during spring. Offering a fresh home environment, the silver dollar plant is an amazing indoor plant.

ZZ plant

These plants have existed for some centuries now and originated from Africa. It was only in 1996, however, that its popularity and distribution skyrocketed significantly. The ZZ plant we know now is commonly found in offices, gardens, and especially in homes all across the globe.

These plants are very wide and have very rich, attractive, and deep green leaves that lots of people have learned to love. The plant also needs little to no care and can survive in environments with low light. Each beautiful leaf is guaranteed to brighten up any room you want in your house.


This plant will likely be the most unique plant on this list. Beginner plant enthusiasts tend to get a bit confused with how to care for a Tillandsia. These plants are characterized by their hardiness and the small amount of attention they require compared to most other house plants. These plants get their water from humidity in the air. This is why they have to grow under certain conditions.

Simply provide them with a humid atmosphere. They should never be planted in soil. The Tillandsia will appreciate a nice amount of bright light every day too. Their lack of a root system is actually what makes them an ideal indoor plant. With their unique, fruit-like appearance, they are a sight to marvel at.


Green life can make your home more welcoming and fresh than you think. Even with the simple addition of a few plants, you can expect a drastic change in the appearance and the freshness of the rooms in your house. As long as you dedicate a small amount of time in your day to take care of them, plants will be your best friend when it comes to brightening up your home.


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