It can be a difficult decision to make, but there comes a time when a roof repair needs to turn into a new roof installation. A clue to help you make that decision is how many times in a short period a roof is needing to be repaired. Sometimes, a roof has been a cheap option for the previous owner and never intended to last a generation. Thinking like this, we likely need a new roof sooner rather than later.

A roofing contractor that can help you will that all-important roofing decision is Bellevue Roofing Contractor. They can, of course, repair your roof but will also have the expertise to action a full roof replacement, which will better protect your property’s contents and add future value to your home.

Clues That a Roof Needs Attention

Damaged tiles are a sign that you will soon be experiencing problems with your roof. The tiles might be missing, cracked, buckled, curled, torn, worn, rotting, or loose. Whichever it is, this will undoubtedly mean that a leak will soon be felt if left. A leak that is not dealt with promptly is going to mean an even costlier repair.

Roof tiles will age over time, so periodically you should look to have them checked by a professional. They will weather in the elements, which will take its toll on your roof. Certain materials will have greater longevity, but eventually, all roofs will need attention, and ultimately replacing. A roof that is over 20 years old may need replacing, depending on the materials used.

Other clues to a damaged roof, apart from perhaps a damaged shingle, can be mold or moss. An attic inspection or a scan from outside with binoculars can alert you early to potential problems. Also, of course, if there is a leak that is coming from the direction of the roof.

Roof Replacement

When you come to replacing a roof, it is the time to make sure that you have the right roof for the conditions. We are talking about considering weather conditions and how long you want the new roof to last. If you want the next generation to benefit, then go for a material such as natural slate, which can last for over 100 years, if well-maintained.

If your flat roof is always leaking in, opt for a sloped roof as your replacement. This will deflect rainwater.

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace

It is worth consulting a professional roofer over this decision of whether to repair or replace. It is a question of budget and investment. A budget decision is how much money we have now to spare. In other words, can we afford a whole new roof? It is, however, always worth financing a home improvement that will add value to a house. House buyers will look at the roof as part of their decision on which house to make their new home.

Choosing the right roof is an important decision and one that you cannot regret because it is protecting your property and making it look appealing. Anything on the outside of your property will be seen and admired by everyone. Also, we cannot ignore what damage inclement weather, or a bad storm can cause to a roof that is not protected. A roof is not protected when it is in a bad state of repair or neglect, or the wrong material for the roof has been used, considering the weather conditions it will experience.

Sloped roofs with four slopes will offer the most protection in stormy weather. If you go for a flat roof, then consider a green roof for the environment, such as asphalt shingles, if you are on a limited budget. If you can afford it, go for slate. It has the natural look and lasts longer than all other materials used in roofing. You will need a professional to install a slate roof because the tiles are heavy to handle. Also, for your safety, it is not worth risking life and limb when there are experienced and professional roofers out there that can handle roofs. You will be pleased by the quality of workmanship and the guarantees provided for peace of mind.

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